sofia kademlidou

Mrs. Sofia Kademlidou isn’t just credentialed to work on skin, she knows, expanded her knowledge of skin, determined to regenerate skin.


The body’s underlying ecology, which is really the secret to lasting health and beautiful skin. Everyone’s skin is slightly different, which is why one size fits all treatments don’t work. To actually heal skin, you have to feel it, observe its condition carefully, and approach it with love. That’s why I begin treatments gently, gradually increase intensity, and tailor individualized approaches that can truly transform the way my clients look and feel about themselves.


Mrs. Kademlidou Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, has become one of the top experts in aesthetic procedures and has pioneered some of the most advanced skin rejuvenation treatments practiced today.

“My personal goal is to empower, to make clients and customers feel more confident and beautiful, naturally.”