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Slimming and Tightening get rid of these fat cells without surgery
1-month program
You can lose up to 4 pounds in a week guarantee!
16 double therapies:
Slimming – lipolisys and tightening  
Reduced Price 450 € from Original Price 800 € ! 
Carboxytherapy and Starvac

Gift- reward epilation with Laser
upper lip or armpits

Break down stubborn fat pockets with lipolysis  technique in a number of areas, including the Abdomen, Double chin, Inner thighs, Saddlebag Fat and Forearms, without disfiguring scars ,immediate results .
10- weeks program 
3 Lipolysis Mesotherapy sessions are needed (every 3 weeks). 
Reduced  Price 210€ from Original Price 300€
10 MyoFx sessions (once a week) 125€